Our Clergyman

Rev. George Tsakle is the District Minister of the Zimmermann Memorial Congregation Read More

Our Choir

The Inspiratonal and Joyful Choir of the Abokobi Presby Church Read More

Our People

The some of the members of Zimmermann Memorial Congregation Read More

Our Vision


Our vision is that all Christian Churches may work together in fellowship, harmony and purpose, as Jesus prayed,

“That all of them may be one… so that the world may believe that you sent me.” John 17:21 (NIV)



Our Purpose

  • 1. To seek a deepening of members’ communion with Christ and with one another in the Church, which is his body.

  • 2. To fulfil our mission to proclaim the Gospel by common witness and service in our environs and in the world.

  • For each church’s own members: -

1. To raise their awareness of the many people in other denominations who share the same allegiance to Jesus Christ.

  • For society at large: -

1. To raise awareness of the strength, relevance and central truth of shared belief within the diversity of the Christian Church.

  • 2. To create greater impact with jointly sponsored events and initiatives.

  • 3. To be a resource to help churches to increase the scope of their initiatives and the impact of their witness.


Departments and Committees

 In Accordance with Article 28 of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) Constitution, the Presbytery has six Departments. A seventh one was later added following a decision by the General Assembly. Each Department has a number of Committee under it.

The Departments and Committees are as follows: Department of Administration and Human Resource Management (AHRM)

  • Committee on Human Resource Management

    Committee on Property Management and Logistics

    Committee on Information Management, Strategic Planning and Statistics


    Department of Mission and Evangelism (M & E)

    Committee on Evangelism

    Committee on Specialized Ministries


    Department of Ecumenical and Social Relations (ESR)

    Committee on Ecumenical Relations

    Committee on Church and Society

    Committee on Relations with People of Other Faiths


    Department of Church Life and Nurture(CLAN)

    Committee on Children’s Ministry

    Committee on Youth Ministry

    Committee on Women’s Ministry

    Committee on Men’s Ministry

    Committee on Ministry to the Aged

    Committee on Worship

    Committee on Christian Education

    Committee on Ministry: Training, Scholarship and Counselling


    Department of Development and Social Services(DSS)

    Committee on Health and Environment

    Committee on Agriculture

    Committee on Small-Scale Technology


    Department of Finance (FIN)

    Committee on Accounts and Budget

    Committee on Projects and Investments


    Department of Education

    Committee on General Education